(SOLD) Freeride ‘Hybrid’ 115 (Blue Deck) + 4 Board Wax

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Great all-round board for beginners and ideal size for adult riders

Premium model Freeride ‘Hybrid’ comes equipped with Ocean Culture® Diamond Grip Foot Pads and our new X2 Adjustable Footstraps

Includes 4 Pack of Board Wax – 1x Regular, 1x Summer, 1x Winter, 1x Beeswax. Ride all year round with all the board waxes!

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Designed for beginner riders, the Freeride ‘Hybrid’ is a great entry level board that combines a wide deck and ultra-shallow ‘side-cut’, with generous overall length and large effective edge. Offering plenty of stability and speed on moderate to fast dunes for basic maneuvering, this board shape is kept simple with rounded nose and tail kicks to compliment the smooth lines and rail edges.


  • Marine Ply + Pine Core Timber Construction
  • Twin Tip Symmetrical Design
  • Premium HP Laminate Deck .9mm
  • Gloss White HP Laminate Base .9mm
  • Double Sealed Rails
  • Nose & Tail = 6.4cm Kick Height (Medium-High Profile)
  • Smooth Edge Rail Design
  • 2×2 Bolt Hole Pattern
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Fasteners (Screws & Washers)
  • 5mm Diamond Grip Traction Pads
  • Ocean Culture ‘X2’ Adjustable Footstraps


Length: 115cm | Width: 25.5cm | Waist: 23cm | Side-cut: 1.2cm | Effective Edge: 60cm | Thickness: 12mm


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Weight 5.20 kg
Dimensions 105 × 30 × 15 cm