(Discontinued) Ocean Culture X2 Footstraps – Black (Pair)

Ocean Culture X2 Adjustable Footstraps (Pair)

Built for sandboarding – our new wide-body symmetric footstraps are super comfy and easy to adjust to a range of foot sizes with the new X2 adjustment system.

Colour: Black with Grey & White Logo


Ocean Culture’s symmetrically designed X2 footstraps have the ability to adjust both sides of the strap and  keeps the wide-body arch pad centered to the middle of your foot. The double sided D-buckles and full velcro enclosure system makes the adjustment of this foot strap simple, no fuss and easy to use even while your feet are locked on.

Other stand out features include the super soft 10mm density neoprene padding that offer hours of comfortable riding and a nice smooth feel over your feet. The 3 screw hole options can be used to tweak your stance slightly and are fast and easy to change out with holes perfectly matched to M6 screws so no more stuffing around with undersized bolt holes!


  • Lightweight flexible design
  • Fast, easy to adjust double sided strap system
  • Left side / right side pairing
  • Plush neoprene padding
  • Soft curve shaping
  • Multiple screw holes
  • Grippy PVC end tabs to hold straps in preferred position
  • Fitment size 4-12
  • Made in the EU

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm