Sandboard Wax FAQ’s

Applying Sandboard Wax

Why use wax on sandboards?

Sandboard Wax allows your board to slide and speeds up your ride. Basically, it helps to keep friction to a minimum.

What kind of wax should I use?

Depending on sand and weather conditions on any given day, you may use a specific blend of wax for cold, warm or hot sand temperatures. There are a wide variety of sandboard waxes on the market for various dune riding purposes – We offer 4 wax blends to cover most conditions so you can ride all year round.

Waxing the board base & rails

Before each ride, apply a light coat of wax to the base of your sandboard (this is the glossy white surface allowing the board to slide over the sand) Waxing the rail edges as well as the base will increase your turning speed and help reduce drag from the boards side-cut and will also help preserve the timber edges from wearing too quickly.


NOTE: There is no need to wax parts of the board that do not make contact with the sand. By doing so you will create a build up of wax and sand which will eventually need to be scraped off ↓

Waxing the board wrong!
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