Are you looking for sandboards, sleds and equipment to hire for a day trip, weekend or holiday during your stay in the Limestone Coast? Maybe you’re a local wanting to demo-ride an Ocean Culture sandboard before buying? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the information below and contact us if you’d like to book rental boards and equipment for your epic sandboarding adventures 🙂


Full Day Rentals

$40 – 1 Board
$75 – 2 Boards
$105 – 3 Boards
$130 – 4 Boards

Pricing for sandboards and sleds include board wax and protective board bags for transport

Pick up & Return

Contact Jo (0419 828350) for pick up address located in Mount Gambier. Collection time is generally 3-6pm the day before boards are intended to be used, and return of equipment no later than 10am the morning after your last day of rental.

Alternate pick up and drop off times can be arranged by request

Discount rates apply for 2 or more days board hire. Contact Jo (0419 828350) for more details

Important Information & Board Rider Advice

Our boards go fast! Please be sensible and know your limits –  You are riding at your own risk. If you’re a first time sandboarder you’ll be given a run down on how to apply wax to the boards, getting into and adjusting the footstraps, starting your runs and other hints and tips to keep you safe and to maximize your fun on the dunes.

Take plenty of water to drink. Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Depending on where you go riding, be aware that sharp rocks, sticks and shells can damage the base of the board, or yourself if you land on them. Valuable items such as phones or car keys kept in your pocket while riding are at risk of getting covered in sand whether it’s dry or wet. Riding into or across water will result in water damage to such items unless protected by a waterproof casing. Best to keep valuables in a backpack or bag if you can.

Respect the coastal environment – avoid riding in protected areas, fragile or re-vegetation zones. Please take any rubbish home with you. Leave only footprints and board tracks! 

Before returning equipment – please wipe boards clean before putting them back in their bags. If boards are covered in wet sticky sand you can hose them down and wipe over with a dry towel.

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