(SOLD) Freecarve ‘Pro’ 121 (Jungle Camo) + 4 Board Wax

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Responsive performance board for carving, big airs and smooth transitions. Great all-rounder for intermediate to experienced teen/adult riders. Unlock your potential with the FC Pro!

Premium model Freecarve Pro 121 comes equipped with: Mystic Kite Adjustable Footstraps, OCS Diamond Grip Foot Pads4 Pack of Board Wax

Manufacturer’s Note: The graphic wrap on this board presented with some scratches and imperfections during production (more noticeable when you look up close) so is offered at a discounted price. Save $’s on this popular camo deck!

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Building on the ever popular Freecarve Pro series, we’ve reworked this board to ride even better! The overall length has been increased to 121cm, the stance and body width widened, and a larger ‘effective edge’ area providing continuous speed and flow over the sand.

Features include extended side-cut to the high nose and tail kicks, reducing nose-diving in soft sand and perfect for high speed turning on steeper dunes. Ocean Culture’s unique Tapered Rail Design gives smooth entry to turns and a solid feel on the back rail for confident transitional manoeuvring.


  • Marine Ply + Pine Core Timber Construction
  • Twin Tip Symmetrical Design
  • Premium HP Laminate Deck .9mm
  • Gloss White HP Laminate Base .9mm
  • Double Sealed Rails
  • Nose & Tail = 7.5cm Kick Height (Medium-High Profile)
  • OCS Tapered Rail Design
  • 2×2 Bolt Hole Pattern
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Fasteners (Screws & Washers)
  • 5mm Diamond Grip Traction Pads
  • Mystic ‘Kite’ Adjustable Footstraps

Length: 121cm | Width: 27cm | Waist: 23cm | Side-cut: 2.5cm | Effective Edge: 65cm | Thickness: 12mm


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Weight 6.00 kg
Dimensions 105 × 30 × 15 cm

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