Freeride ‘SB-X’ 121

This board model is currently unavailable. Stay tuned for a new version in 2021!

Recommended for high speed downhills, freeriding and jumps. Beginner to Advanced Performance Board

Premium model SB-X sandboard comes equipped with Ocean Culture’s diamond grip foot pads and Mystic Kite fully adjustable footstraps

4 Pack of Board Wax included – 1x Regular, 1x Summer, 1x Winter, 1x Beeswax. Ride all year round with a 50g block of each wax blend


The Freeride ‘SB-X’ model is a fast and sturdy board for riders at any level. Its design is based similarly to a snowboard shape; featuring a wider deck, increased overall length, greater ‘effective edge’ (the base area in contact with the sand) and round shaped nose & tail kicks with extended side-cut and drawn out rails. This gives the board a ton of stability, with enough flexibility for long directional turning and carving. The foot-straps are set further towards the tail, reducing forward take-offs and giving the rider more control for executing turns and maintaining balance.


  • 9-Ply Wood Core Construction
  • Twin Tip Symmetrical Design
  • Premium HP Laminate Deck .9mm
  • Gloss White HP Laminate Base .9mm
  • Double Sealed Rails
  • Nose & Tail = 7.0cm Kick Height (Medium-High Profile)
  • Smooth Edge Rail Design
  • 2×2 Bolt Hole Pattern
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Fasteners (Inserts, Screws & Washers)
  • 5mm Diamond Grip Traction Pads


Length: 121cm | Width: 27cm | Waist: 24cm | Side-cut: 1.7cm | Effective Edge: 75cm

Stance Options (which direction you ride):
“Goofy” = Right foot facing first
“Natural” = Left foot facing first