Paul Hogger


NAME: Paul Hogger


BIRTH YEAR: Approaching 40 and never to old to go boarding…

HOMETOWN: Terrigal, Central Coast, NSW 

CURRENT RESIDENCE: On a Yacht, Morton Bay, Brisbane, QLD


RIDING SINCE: A couple of years now

HOW OFTEN DO YOU RIDE & WHERE: 2 sessions usually every second weekend, Morton, North Stradbroke and Fraser Islands.

FAVE LOCATION: Big Sandhills at Moreton Island – A 3 hour sail from Manly Marina – reach out and back in a southerly and a beautiful and safe anchorage. At High tide we can take our Inflatable right to the base of the dunes and 4wd’s can’t get there until mid tide and lower so absolutely NO crowds. It’s got it all, with many varied terrains to ride from beginner to advanced. Big, steep, soft, open carve runs at the top. Moderate runs, skate park style bowls, lips and jumps in the middle and a great slope to learn and practise new tricks on the lower section.  The outlook is stunning with views over both sides of the Island, the Surf and the Bay. SHHHH – don’t tell too many!!

FAVE TRICK: I’m getting too old for big radical jumps so lip tricks are fun. Lip and rail slides are a favourite at the moment.

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF RIDING: Some of the runs on the Islands are long... real long. So fast carving is wicked. We carve turn and try to perfect our carving 75% of the time on the board. Very comfortable riding switch too.                                                                                           

OTHER INTERESTS: All things water based… Teaching Scuba Diving & Spearfishing, Kite Boarding, Fishing, Wakeboarding, Surfing, etc…