Glen Burke



NAME: Glen Burke



HOMETOWN: Portland, Victoria

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Portland, Victoria

SANDBOARD(S): Ocean Culture, of course! JUMPBOARD 'Rebel'

RIDING SINCE: About 8 years

HOW OFTEN DO YOU RIDE & WHERE: Rarely, I've been injured the last year - got some disc bulges in my neck. I learnt the craft at levis (knackery) in warrnambool, that hill used to have a sweet shape although i think it is average now compared to say 5 yrs ago., swan lake, little drops at beachport are fun too, oh and i rode the world's only sandboard park in florence, oregon USA( what a joke that was, but there are some sweet hills in that area! )

FAVE LOCATION: Anywhere between Discovery Bay and Swan Lake

FAVE TRICK: Indy to Fakie. I like the challenge of landing backwards, although sometimes just landing can be a challenge

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF RIDING: Carving, I like drawing lines in the sand or snow

OTHER INTERESTS: Music, Snowboarding, Surfing, Photography