NAME: Brad Crisp

NICKNAME: 'Crispy'


HOMETOWN: Naracoorte, South Australia

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Mount Gambier, South Australia

SANDBOARD(S): 2 x boards - FREESTYLE 'Assault' & FREECARVE 'Comp'

RIDING SINCE: 4-5 years

HOW OFTEN DO YOU RIDE & WHERE: Not as much as I should... Only a handful of times a year. Mainly at Nora Crenia/Beachport area over summer and the occasional trip to Swan Lake, Victoria

FAVE LOCATION: I have no real favourite at the moment as they all change everytime you ride there. The view from Swan Lake is pretty good though :-)

FAVE TRICK: Umm... Railslide. Once i get it worked out then i'll pick a trick, LOL!

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF RIDING: Goofy, all sorts of riding mainly jumps and rail

OTHER INTERESTS: Four wheel driving, body boarding, fishing, motorsport