NAME: Jeremy Telfer



HOMETOWN: Millicent, South Australia

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Millicent, South Australia

SANDBOARD(S): Had a few over the years - Wore one out, snapped one! Currently ride a Freestyle 'Assault'

RIDING SINCE: First started when i was around 16 or 17 and now i'm 27, so for about 10 years

HOW OFTEN DO YOU RIDE & WHERE: I don't get to go as much as I like these days due to work commitments, but when I do find the time I would normally go down to Canunda, Southend or Beachport

FAVE LOCATION: My favourite spot would have to be Canunda National Park. A few years ago, Baz, Chapps & myself found some awesome runs down some massive dunes, weaving in and out of the scrub and manouvering around huge ledges

FAVE TRICK: I don't have a favourite trick really. Just started doing the grinding and i enjoy that. Thinking of building my own rail and also a freestyle jump to move around a few different locations and see what we can come up with

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF RIDING: I have found that by keeping myself sort of low and leaning back that i can get alot of speed down the dunes which can sometimes be a bit dangerous but i just like to go out there and generally have fun. In the past myself, Baz and Chapps have done some real technical runs like down the 'Everest' (the 2 stage hill at Canunda) to just flying down some massive dunes, just finding a nice ledge to jump off... Just depends on what type of mood we are all in and what ever takes our fancy on the day!

OTHER INTERESTS: I used to do a bit of motor bike riding but with my work commitiments, working a roster of two weeks on and one week off, I find it hard to get time to do it. Apart from that I enjoy my fishing and camping and don't mind the odd can of Jim Beam every now and again too :-)