Design & Construction


In this section we talk about the basic elements of sandboard design and the technical terms used to describe them, as well as board construction and the materials used to make Ocean Culture® Sandboards...



Sandboard Design & Terminology:




OVERALL LENGTH - is the length of the board from nose to tail (or front to back)


EFFECTIVE EDGE - is the laminated underside of the board (or base) that is in contact with the sand. This area of the board is flat or curved (depending on the model) and enables the board to slide.


SIDE CUT  RADIUS - is an essential design element that enables the board to turn and gives the board its definitive “shape”. When the board is ridden it can be flexed to enable directional turning, deep sliding and acceleration.


SIDE CUT DEPTH - depending on the length and depth of the side cut and how far it extends to the nose and tail kick determines the  boards’ performance characteristics


WAIST - is the narrowest measurement of the board. On a symmetrical board shape this measurement is taken at the centre of the deck.


WIDTH - is the widest measurement of the sandboard. In most cases this measurement is taken from the nose and/or tail section of the deck if it is a symmetrical shape. On a directional board, this measurement is taken from the widest part of the body.










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