Ex-Hire | Ex-Demo | Factory Seconds | Budget Boards


Please refer to the specific information below for each category:


Ex-Hire & Ex-Demo's - These are boards that have been in our hire 'fleet' or were made as prototypes for test-riding and demos. They may be in awesome 'used once' condition, or, have been thrashed over a number of years and still holding their own! In either case, these boards will come with a description of their history and condition.


Factory Seconds - Boards that don't come out exactly as planned! They may have been accidentally damaged during the manufacturing or handling process. Or, have a scratch, chip, dent, blemish or a defect in the laminate or timber that went unnoticed until the finishing stages.

Other downgraded equipment such as factory second foot pads and/or foot straps are included in this category, and may be fitted to factory second boards as well.


Budget Boards - These boards can be made on request but are often available after we take large groups out for sandboarding sessions (so if they get damaged it's not such a huge deal or cost)

The decks can be made up of the following - Deleted laminate stock (odd colours/decorative designs) Second grade laminate (marked, scratched or chipped) Joined second-grade pieces (either for deck or base) Downgraded laminates for the base (such as gloss marble etc). Second grade timber selections with slight imperfections or indentations in the woodgrain.

Most of our budget boards are manufactured using a 'single-stage' pressing, rather than our usual 'two-stage' process ie; the sandboard deck (including the base) is glued in full, leaving the 'screw-in' nuts visible underneath the board.

It is also worth noting that budget boards skip the 'finely tuned' rail-shaping stage, so are not made to our usual high standard of finish and attention to detail. As such, these boards may come without the Ocean Culture brand deck logo.